Future Leaders Of America Success Stories

In its 30 years of history FLA has inspired many lives. Find a few of those inspirational stories on this page.

"Future Leaders of America has played a major role in my development in my personal and professional life for a number of years. It has opened doors for me that I never imagined and I learn to appreciate it more every day of my life."

Patty Quiroz
UC Berkeley Graduate
FLA Alumna

"I cannot say enough about how much FLA has impacted my academic, personal, social, and career life. FLA is definitely a program that with support of other organizations, businesses, educators, and community, can accomplish all of its goals and impact all Latino students who become a part of the program."

Homero Magana
UC Berkeley Graduate
FLA Alumnus
Moorpak High School Counselor

"FLA has helped me in a variety of ways, but most importantly has given me a sense of confidence in myself and my abilities as a leader that I could not have achieved on my own."

Ambar Alvarez
Fresno State University
FLA Alumna
Degree Advisor at Fresno State University

"Future Leaders of America's curriculum has provided me with the support and training to achieve my fullest potential. FLA services and programs are unique in engaging Latino students to succed in life"

David Garcia
Harvard Graduate
FLA Alumnus
Notre Dame Undergraduate

"Future Leaders of America has helped me develop leadership and social skills. It has brought me closer to a networking group made up of friends, family, and other leaders of the community. It has truly made an impact in the way I live my life."

Daniel Rodriguez
Pacifica High School Student

"It was hard for me to go to the FLA Camp, it meant losing two day's pay at work, but what FLA gave at camp it is something that a whole life's work couldn't pay for"

Alejandra Hernandez
Santa Barbara Parent

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