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Future Leaders accomplishes the organization’s mission, goals/objectives, and vision within two core programs: Year Round Leadership Program and the Family Leadership Program.

Year Round Leadership Program

Students begin the FLA experience the summer after 8th/9th grade by participating in FLA’s Leadership Camp. The Leadership Camp is FLA's entrance program; it is an intense six-day program consisting of interactive workshops and opportunities for self-expression. Students from diverse schools and neighborhoods in each FLA chapter participate in workshops to learn: public speaking, parliamentary procedure, assertiveness training, self-esteem, goal setting, college admission and financial aid requirements, and how to form positive peer networks to make healthy decisions for themselves in home, school, and community. Youth who complete the leadership camp, continue their involvement in FLA by participating in its year-round leadership program.

FLA School Clubs

Youth who complete the Leadership Camp stay involved in FLA through participation in FLA clubs at school and countywide activities. Students meet weekly in their school clubs, attend quarterly workshops run by FLA mentors, and practice their leadership skills through various community service projects during they year.

Monthly Enrichment Workshops

FLA believes in a holistic approach to empower individuals and groups to create personal and social change. FLA collaborates with other community organizations and community colleges to offer Enrichment Workshops, such as the "Latina Superwoman" conference. FLA participants, students and parents become engaged in topics such as: getting involved in school clubs, College Application Workshop, understanding the challenges that face their communities, Vision for Success, and learning to manage inter-generational communication issues, to name a few.

University Seminars

FLA alumni who are currently enrolled at universities (such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of San Diego, Westmont), gather to plan, coordinate and implement 2-day seminars addressing social and academic issues relevant to Latino youth. These overnight visits introduce youth to university life and FLA students who are enrolled there. Topics include: civic engagement, career opportunities, health education, family issues, arts and culture.

Volunteer Leadership Training

The Leadership Training is a three-day retreat that trains students to mentor others, lead groups, and move up the various levels of volunteer duties/positions: A-team, Peer Facilitator, Facilitator, Intern, and Director. These trainings build upon the skills implemented at the Leadership Camp as well as other skills that transfer into their daily lives. Youth learn how to lead others, accomplish new short and long-term academic goals, and be a part of a positive social network that includes diverse youth, strong family values, and high expectations of them in school and community. In summary, this is where FLAers learn the FLA curriculum and the “peer to peer” model.

Family Leadership Program

Future Leaders engages the parents of our youth through the Family Leadership Retreat and Parent Advocacy Trainings. Parents are a critical component to expanding horizons for our youth and transforming communities. FLA engages Spanish-speaking parents through a culturally sensitive, educational 3-day retreat for parents, teenagers, and younger siblings. Follow-up is provided in the form of Parent Advocacy Trainings, group meetings, college campus visits with the entire family, a drug/alcohol prevention conference, among other yearly activities.

The FLA Family Leadership Program commits to achieve the following goals:

  • To provide students and their parents with leadership skills, public speaking experience, college admission and financial aid information, and civic engagement projects in order address the issues important to underprivileged youth/families.
  • To motivate students to excel academically and to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • To instill an ethic of responsibility of citizenship and a willingness to give back to the community in positive ways.
  • To increase parent involvement in the schools.

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